Umfassende Referenzen durch die Top-Reiter und Tierärzte aller Disziplinen international bestätigen die Wirksamkeit von STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE.

Bei den Olympischen Spielen in Atlanta war das Langzeit Kältekissen ein Ausrüstungsbestandteil für 14 Nationen!







Vet´s References

Dr. Gerhard Grenz, veterinarian

Former team veterinarian of the German national dressage team

What special strains are horses subjected to in sports?

“Nowadays, equestrian sport is a high-performance sport, and it makes no difference in what discipline the extreme demands are made: it happens to jumping, three-day-event, dressage or trotting horses. The greatest demands are placed on the muscular and skeletal systems, in paticular the legs.”

Dr. Jörn Nolting

Specialst veterinarian for horses
Team veterinarian for the German show jumping teams

Cold after operations?

“If cold is indicated for regeneration after sport or after operations, STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE cryotherapy compresses are recommendable.”

Dr. H.J. Genn

Specialist veterinarian for horses

“Controlled, effective long-term cold is required after sport activity and treatment after operations and injuries. STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE is ideal.”

Dr. F.W. Hanbücken

Specialist veterinarian for horses

Team veterinarian for the German dressage riders
“Balanced and effective prophylaxis is definitely recommended to maintain the health of top-class horses. In the context of the very strict regulations on doping, cold, when properly used and effective, is the best way to keep tendons, muscles and joints healthy. My experience with STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE cryotherapy compresses has been very good.”

Dr. Matthias Baumann

Team winner Seoul Olympics 1988
Team bronze Barcelona Olympics 1992
Team bronze Stockholm world championships 1990
Three time German champion '91 to '93

What cold compresses do you prefer?
“As a veterinary and horse trials rider, I pay attention to every detail of the health of my horses. STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE is an important detail.”


Top-Equestrians References

Herbert Blöcker

Participant in the Olympics several times with the German three-day-event team
Barcelona Olympics individual silver, team bronze

What do you do to promote the horses' health in three-day events?
“In the brush I have to be able to rely on my horses' health. STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE helps me every day at that.”

Ellen Bontje

Seoul and Barcelona Olympics team silver
European championships '95 and '97 team silver
World championships '94 team silver, 5th place individual
Numerous grand prix and GPS wins

What experience have you had with STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE?
“In international dressage, constancy in performance and success are more important than in many other sports. This is only possible on the basis of hard, consistent work in the quadrangle. To win in Grand Prix events or to win Olympic medals, a dressage horse has to be in top form physically and mentally. I indulge my horses with first-class regeneration – every day and as a preventive measure. Piaffe and passage require healthy, strong tendons and muscles. I use STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE. My horses are grateful to me.”

Ingrid Klimke

German champion 1999
Twice female champion of the professional riders
World champion horse trials, young horses

What do you do for the regeneration of your top horses?
“For regeneration after competition, the best is just good enough for my horses, particularly Robinsons Concorde. STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE plays its part.”

Alexandra Simons de Ridder

European championships '99 team gold meal
'99 German championships individual silver
Winner of the Aachen dressage grand prix CHIO 1999

How did you find out about STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE?
“Dr. Hanbücken recommended STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE to me. On the way via the German championships in 1999 to Sydney 2000, STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE was a great help to my horse Ghacomo in reaching the international top class.”

Monika Theodorescu

Several times team gold medal winner with the German dressage team

“STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE helped me keep Ganimedes fit into old age – without medication.”

Nadine Capellmann

Bronze medal '94 German championships
Team gold medal '97 European championships - place 4 individual
Team gold medal '98 world championships - place 7 individual
Team gold medal '99 European championships - place 4 individual
'98 German championship silver medal individual
German champion '99

“I use STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE for my best horses, Gracioso and Farbenfroh – I owe that to my horses.”

Grischa Ludwig

Several times German and European champion in reining and cowhorse
World reining cup champion lim. '98
Trainer of the AQHA and APHA champions Superior and Highpointhorses
Bronze trophy '99 NRHA
National trainer German youth world cup team since 1997

Do you use cold compresses?
“The royal discipline of Western riding is reining. The absolutely necessary requirements for top horses are perfect sliding stops and spins. My reining champions receive a perfect preparation. This involves an impeccable preventive health check. I use the cryotherapy compress STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE for the regeneration of the horses' legs.”

Jos Lansink

European championship '88 – bronze (individual)
European championship La Baulle '91 – bronze (individual)
Team gold medal Barcelona Olympics '92
World cup Den Bosch '94 – gold
8 time Dutch champion

Do you use STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE in competitions?
“STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE has been a great help to my horses especially after difficult courses.”

Sebastian Hünnekens

3 time European champion cutting and
5 time German champion cutting

What do you do for your horses' regeneration?
The extreme physical strains placed on the horses' legs in cutting can only be compensated by impeccable follow-up treatment. My champions remain champions for several years. For regeneration, we use STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE.”

Peter Thomsen

World championship '94 The Haag team bronze
Several times team rider for Germany in the European championship, world championship, Olympic games

Do you use cold for horses?
“Every cross course makes extreme demands on the horse and the rider. The first rule is security. Healthy horses with healthy legs are necessary. We use STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE for cooling after competition and training.”

Karsten Huck

Bronze medal individual Olympic games 1988 in Seoul
Rider in the Nations Cup

What do you do for the regeneration of your top competitive horses?
“Jumping horses' tendons and ligaments are subject to very high strains, especially when landing after the jump. In addition to sound knowledge about jumping and the impact which it has on the horse's skeleton, balanced and effective regeneration is necessary in order to ensure a long, successful jumping career. In this regard, STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE has proved completely reliable in my stall.”



Trainer References

Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer

The most successful dressage trainer in the world and sponsor

What is the link between top-class horses and success?

“Our goal is to form top-class horses and thus to be internationally successful. This involves effective and reliable regeneration and care. STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE is indispensable for us.”

Klaus Balkenhol

Federal trainer of the German national dressage team, winner at the Olympics

What is your assessment of the advantages of STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE in the training stage?

“If the workout was very strenuous or if the ground was hard, then the cooling compresses come on as a preventive measure – I have had very positive experience with this procedure, the horses recover very quickly.”


Breeders References

Christel and Hubertus Jagfeld

What equipment do you use?
“We are known as perfectionists in our Western stall. Thus, the equipment in our stall cannot be good enough. Excellent feed and care products help make us successful with our horses. Hence, we cannot do without Weiss's cool compresses.”


Zangersheide stud-farm
Leon Melchior

What experience have you had with STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE?

“STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE is indispensable for our stud-farm. It is inevitable that mares as well as foals will sometimes be injured after going to pasture. Our experience with STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE for first aid has been excellent. The lasting, temperature-controlled cold reliably helps us stop inflammations and avoid subsequent phlegmon. On the basis of our good experience, we can recommend STÜBBEN KRYO KOMPAKT HORSE!"